Aging Well: Circle of Cool

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I had Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” pop up in my head the other day and I went down the rabbit hole. I opened youtube to watch all the videos of her first album. Not twice but maybe 3x or more.

Alright, including sk8ter boi.

Avril is 37. No. I’m 37. No. Where did the time go? 20 years have passed. What’s the current music? I don’t even know since I know longer have a radio or a commute.

I’m officially out of the Circle of Cool music-wise.

Eddie Izzard talks about the Circle of Cool: “Like James Dean with a single matchstick on the side of his mouth; cool, and then uh oh, 3 matchsticks. Looking like a dickhead.”

So what to do? I don’t have Spotify because it costs double what Pandora does and has no videos. iTunes is a seacher’s wasteland and videos are hard to find.

Youtube app to the rescue. Pay attention, after much blundering, I’m giving you pearls:

Search on “vevo playlist 2022 (genre like punk)” on your phone or tv using the youtube app.

I’m so glad to know punk is alive and well and that Miss Avril is still in the top 10.

So there you are. Back in the Circle of Cool.

You can remove your matchsticks now.


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