Money: Praise for Bounce Wrinkle Guard

Mr. Wannabe does the cooking, I do the laundry. That’s some of our division of labour in our house.

Enter wrinkles. They have plagued me and my laundry for years. Botox takes care of me, but what about obnoxious sheets and shirts?

Bounce Wrinkle Guard is the botox of laundry.

I’ve had these sheets that were so wrinkly, I stopped using them until Bounce. The outcome is not perfect, but it is so close that they’re back in circulation.

How do these Wrinkle Guard sheets work? They are infused with anti-wrinkle ingredients and are 3x the size of regular dryer sheets. Apply chemistry. A lot of it.

Tee shirts come out wrinkle free and stay that way until it’s hanger time.

When comparing prices, be sure to look at the number count. I bought 120 and I love them. $9.22 at amazon, $17.32 at walmart.


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