What’s It Like to Write a Screenplay?

Image from iphoneincanda.ca

Here I am! Back blogging. I have been writing and Illustrating my Alexia Toddytime series on Amazon and now-a screenplay!

My hairdresser is taking screenplay classes and is teaching me what he knows. He said it was easy and I didn’t believe him until I tried it for the second time.

I used Final Draft software which takes your ideas and transforms them into a professional industry standard screenplay.

So what’s it like? Frustrating at first but then exhillarating. I thought “wholly cow is this all there is to it?”

Scene heading EXT BACKYARD – DAY

Description FRED goes to town on an old bicycle.

Character FRED


How much are the apples?

Transition FADE TO:

And you repeat that over and over to make a story. With a right click, everything goes into the right place on the page.

Mind you, I have a lot of editing to do but what a fun challenge in writing this is!

What about you? How are you challenging yourself?


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