We’re Going Vegan

Morningstar Chik’n nuggets are great!

As scientists, my husband and I are always wary of documentaries but we watched one recently that gave us pause: The Game Changers. It demonstrates the vast improvement in performance and health for world-class athletes and fire-fighters.

The premise is that capillaries are opened (endotheial cells) if one consumes carbs instead of animal protein (including eggs or cheese) before a workout. In addition, a colloquial test was performed on 3 men showing their blood plasma after eating meat burritos vs vegan burritos. The vegan plasma was clear and the animal protein was not, signifying better arterial health.

On 2 occasions 1 hour before my 3 mile walk, I did notice my walk was smoother and easier than on an empty stomach or with boiled eggs prior. Also, I realised that my gut seemed calmer after a vegan meal. I’ve lost some stubborn weight, but I don’t know if it’s because of my newly prescribed metformin or updated thyroid dose uplift kicking in.

The #1 cause of death among American firefighters is a heart attack. A small study was conducted over a week and cholesterol and lipid numbers went down. It would have been interesting to have a real scientific study presented in the documentary, but it may have made for boring tv.

At any rate, the Sedona Safeway had about as much vegan food as Whole foods. So there my husband and I were, bumbling around the aisles choosing mostly pre-prepared foods until we get our bearings and can cook for ourselves. Last night we made Impossible@ burgers with Daiya cheese. They were delicious and filling.

For us, it’s about cardiovascular health more than anything, though some might say we’ve become more Sedonan.

Are printed harem pants next?


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