Reel: the electronic layaway

Remember the Layaway counter at Penny’s? Ok, I just revealed I’m *not young*… People would stand in line with items they couldn’t afford that day to pay on them little by little. Once paid off, the items came out of PennyJail.

Enter A website that does e-layaway with a twist. Items are sort of flagged instead of bought meaning that if the retailer sells out of the item before it is paid for via a bank withdrawl of any amount the buyer chooses, the buyer is refunded the money or given a credit. That would suck during *bootpacalypse*. “No more 9.5’s. Sorry. Bye. You owed one more dollar. It’s March anyway…”

Would I do this? No. I would save early for boots in my Mad Money budget item or borrow part from my next month’s allotment (no Mad $ for the following budget cycle).

Interesting to see how times change.

Source:Cosmo Nov. 2020 (Now you know I’m an Olds reading this mag)

Image screenshot modified from


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