No landline for 911? Enter Noonlight app

Image screencap from noonlight app in app store

Remember about 20 years ago when we had landlines? (Yep, it’s been that long-our jeans are higher and our highlights are better).

We also had enhanced 911 where a dispatcher could find your location with that landline. That gap has been there until now.

How does noonlight work?

*sign up with address and permission for location services

*add additional information about getting to your house for emergency services

* create a PIN to call off any request for 911 type services by mistake

*You can add an emergency contact outside or inside the app if they sign up also

*To use it, press noonlight to open, then if you have an emergency, press the big button. If you don’t enter your PIN, emergency services will be dispatched.

* I can see this technology advancing in the future. It exists in Apple watch, but a friend of mine had hers go off while golfing and I couldn’t get mine to go by flinging myself on various pieces of furniture. The challenge is if you are by yourself and unable to reach your phone but this service could be quite helpful for now.


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