Genopalate-what should I eat based upon my DNA?

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With a Genopalate flash sale at $39.99, I finally bit and hoped the results of what I should eat would come back with a resounding “Cookie Dough!”.

How does it work?

*Sign up at

*choose the $39.99 programme and pay for it.

*You’ll get an email with instructions on downloading your raw DNA data from (easiest) or

*The raw DNA data download is a text file that you can upload into genopalate.

*Wait a few days, then your genopalate report comes in (c’mon, cookie dough!)

Mine came in and was surprisingly high on natural carbohydrates over fats. No cookie dough or street tacos, but butternut squash and most foods I love.

Except beets and carrots. They taste like soap and should be erradicated.

The next test is with my husband. We’re doing his from

I bet he’ll get cookie dough…


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