Blowout in the Keurig

Wanting to do my part in reducing plastics in landfills has a little problem. A compostable coffee pod blowout.

The seal on the pod breaks and kaplooey-coffee grounds all over. This is the San Francisco brand, French Roast variety with the new label.

The thing is, this brand and variety before the new labeling didn’t have this problem & my husband’s breakfast blend with the new label does not have this problem. I drink mine concentrated while he does not.

That leads me to think that there is a pressure limit to the new labels on French Roast. Maybe the labels weren’t tested to “sludge espresso” limits.

I contacted San Francisco Bay coffee and they were apologetic and wonderful-dispatching an unexpected new box just for me. I can’t wait to test it because I love their coffee.

In the meanwhile, I switched back to Starbucks French Roast in the plastic cups #5-not recyclable here. It turns out my old standby is no longer my favourite. What?! Gasp!

I know. The Starbucks’ flavour is a bit nuttier than I like. San Francisco Bay is smoother.

What about an eco cup? It’s a little cart-before-the-horse. I’m disoriented and lazy in the morning before coffee and it’s a little messy and imprecise. Plus, it just doesn’t taste as good.

Stand by for the post of testing San Francisco Bay direct from the manufacturer.


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