Consumer: Dropps soap pods

Continuing series on reducing plastic in landfills:

You may have seen Dropps laundry items pop up in your Instagram feed. It turns out that you don’t need a membership, just

The unscented & lavender packs arrived in an adorable set of 2 7″ square boxes. No plastic anywhere aside from a laminated label. I washed white towels with bleach and dried without softener. The laundry smelled clean yet unscented on both sets.

Very nice.

Let’s talk prices. The cheapest laundry pod option I found on amazon was Purex Mountain scented at $0.14/load but with a plastic pouch. It’s unclear if this pouch is recyclable. Another possibility if you can recycle #5 type tubs, is Amazon’s free and clear brand at $0.15/load.

Tide pods run $0.25/load and All Free and Clear a whopping $0.35/load.

dropps is a good compromise with minimal packaging, competitive price, and no scenting. (I’m hoping the wee pods survive my cute Pinteresty tub that is now their home and don’t form a giant glob).

Monthly cost:

Weekly: 5 loads at $0.21, $1.05

Monthly: $4.20, no waste.

The Purex monthly cost is $2.80 and has a plastic pouch that MAY be recyclable if HDPE #2

My choice is Dropps.

No waste, no membership required.


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