Money: What is a mini FANG?

According to Kiplinger’s, a FANG represents these big stocks: Facebook, Apple, Netflix, & Google (Alphabet).

A mini FANG is an aggessive, high-return small cap (small company) fund. Some of these:

PSCT-Vivari Solutions (tests networks), Itron (manages energy), and Brooks automation (material provider to semiconductor industry)

USSCX-Tech and Health Care and Foreign. Ring Central (comms software) & Macom Tech (semiconductors)

DFDSX-40% tech stocks. “Sticky” businesses that tend to retain customers & become an integral part of their business (software, etc.)

Riskiest is Cloud company investing. Fast growing sector with investors who have a very high tolerance for risk and volatility.

The question you have to ask yourself is “For my 25% investment in Small Cap, does it make sense to switch?” If you have investments outside your 401k or 403b, it might be worth digging a little deeper and leave playing in the clouds to the pros.

Image modified from 2020


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