Money: Get an amazon expense report

You have your budget and all these pesky amazon charges. You think “My God, what did I BUY?”

There’s an easy way to get all your charges by month or year.

Tax purpose: By Year: for out of pocket over the counter items for 2019.

Budget purpose: Find out what you bought and in what category it belongs. Flonase goes in Medical OTC. Viva towels goes into groceries…

1. In google type “amazon report”

2. “Order history reports” click that link

3. You may need to log in

4. On the reports page, you can choose a time frame for the report

5. You can see the report on your phone, but it may be easier on a laptop to download the .csv file and open it in Excel. They email it to you also.

6. Scroll right to see the final amount charged. Scroll left to see the item.

No more digging through Orders or email.

Image screenshot from Google. 2020


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