Most & Least tax-friendly states 2020

A summary from Klipinger’s January 2020 issue (state income tax, sales tax, property tax, estate tax).


1. Wyoming

2. Nevada

3. Delaware

4. Alabama

5. South Carolina

6. Tennessee

7. Mississippi

8. Florida

9. Georgia

10. Arizona


1. Nebraska (taxes Soc Security)

2. Connecticut (property tax, estate & pension taxes)

3. Kansas (public pension tax, property taxes)

4. Wisconsin (pension & property taxes)

5. Minnesota (estate tax, pension tax, sales tax, property taxes)

6. Vermont (estate tax, state tax, property taxes)

7. Rhode Island (estate tax, social security tax, property tax)

8. New Jersey (highest property tax in the country, inheritance tax)

9. Illinois (estate tax, property tax)

10. New York (state tax, estate tax, pension tax, “cliff tax”)

Now, where is California? Surprised by this list?

Who would have thought that Nebraska was on the Naughty List?



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