Saving $: Stinky sandals-what works?

I have a fav pair of simple “Born” sandals that I got on Poshmark this last Spring. I wore them and wore them all summer until they began to smell.

“Oh you just did NOT go there!”


Yes, I did.

Can they be saved?

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

*Force Fresh spray (works best on closed athletic shoes). Nope.

*Baking soda-Pinterest visions of absorbing all the yuck. Nope

*Lastly, charcoal tweed pods-we’ll see how those go.

“Why not just spray your feet?”

Do you know how hard it is to find big cans of spray deodorant since 1977?

I did buy a pair of Poshmark Borns for next year. Maybe I can find a big can of AquaNet, no, “Sure” for my feet.


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