Money: Kiplingers/Money mag has Saved its Own Bacon, FaceApp, & the “Ruskies”

Finally, we’re getting a more integrated techie/fogie mag. So much so that I clipped (oh, granny!) 4 articles to scan for later.

FaceApp went viral last month. You could make yourself or friends age. How fun!

But guess who made it?

The Russians.

And guess what they got your permission to do?

Use any photo you uploaded for “later purposes”. That means you and any friend you uploaded.

Feels a bit “Stranger Things”, no?


More Creepiness: “Dark Patterns” on the web. You’ve seen these.

Duolingo app did this to me.

You sign up for a 7 day trial and forget.

Boxes are checked waaay at the bottom to sign up and be charged a high annual app fee.

The next thing you know, apple or google play sends you a bill for $80. I fought it, of course, and got my money back, but beware out there.

I’m keeping “Kippie” for now.

Images from Kiplinger’s.Sep.2019


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