Health: BrainHQ app

At 42, Tom Brady has 6 Super Bowl rings. 6.

How is he at the top of his game?

Most trainers will tell you that fitness goes like this:

#1 Sleep

#2 Nutrition

#3 Excercise

But what about a brain app?

I loved Wordscapes but soon learned the pattern. Here’s the newest, latest:


It’s built on the premise of being a predator, a hunter. Seeing small things in your visual field and remembering where you saw it or sound-location recall.

A bird in the upper R corner, a car in the lower left.

So far, I suck at peripheral vision (understandable), but I have seen brain wiring diagrams and know that the main nerve bundle; the trigeminal bundle V ; is related to the eye, facial, mouth & breathing motor functions. Just think if I were a lion hunting. I would need great coordination of my eyes and breathing. Sounding like a labrador retriever pet on the Serengeti would not help.

BrainHQ offers short, free, daily games to try.

I would love to hear if it helps you.


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