Sales tax breaks & dates

It’s that time of year. Hot. Pre-harvest, and already Back-To-School ads appear.

From Klipinger’s Personal Finance: some of you may know about sales tax-free shopping days.

The average spent per child in prep for school items like clothing is $450. Tennessee has the highest sales tax rate @ 9.47%. If you have 3 kids, you would save $127.85 assuming it’s not spent at the food court.

What’s surprising is that several states in hurricane and tornado-prone areas offer a tax holiday in winter also. Other states have Energy Star energy efficient appliance replacement days, and at least 2 states offer the tax holiday on hunting supplies.

For example, in Texas, one could buy a $3,000 gas generator for post hurricane electricity and save $247.50.

For a handy chart, go here to the salestax institute:


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