Klipingers & Money mags have merged: slapdash?

Not a month after I cancelled Klipinger’s, I received a note informing me of the merger between it and Money magazine. I secretly wish it had arrived Harry Potter style like a Howler “Suze! How DARE you stop your subscription!…Hoping you are welll…”.

Klipinger’s was getting stale, seeming to recycle the same stories. It made me wonder if the stories had gone to interns for the summer much like it seems to do at Vogue:threadbare, thin & glaring vacations of senior staff. “Here, kid, I wrote this on my phone in the bathroom. Print it and find some archived floral graphics. I’m off to Iceland…”

Even if the interns were minding the store at Klip’s, I might have expected a new app review or cutting edge article.

But no. In nearly every issue:

“Where to Retire”

“Millenial $ issues”

“Best Bank for you”

“Stuff for Daytraders”


So far, Klipinger’s Personal Finance mag feels like “Money” mag. snuck inside the old reruns of Klipingers.

Some of the interesting articles:

States with clothing day and energency weather preparedness sales tax-break days.

Dealing with surprise medical bills.

Wipe out debt

Solar panel investment & when you’ll recoup the cost.

Fixing travel snafus

So, will I keep it? Yes, for now (it’s creepy how they read my mind: “Money” was next on the chopping block).

What would I love to see? Country spotlight. Each month a different country & how its economy works (or doesn’t). Wouldn’t that be fascinating?

Image from Klipinger’s Personal Finance


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