Snails on my face?!

I have many lovely people who help my skin look more 35 than 50.

One goes by her tradename “Lasergirl” and told me something about snails I didn’t know: people working a lot with snails in buckets noticed that though their skin aged normally, their hands stayed young. (I’m unclear why one would work with buckets of snails outside of a horror film as “snail wrangler” but I digress).


I thought of getting a (small) bucket of snails and have them crawl on my face, but it might turn out weird and take hours: streaks of youth with streaks of life. Like a cheap road repair job. We can still see the median paint from 1979 buddy…

Then Buzzfeed had a top 10 list of Korean skin products to try. Mizon Snail slime cream was on the list and available on amazon.

Add to cart.

After just a week, I can’t believe the difference. My face looks creamy and dewey. I try to remember to apply to the decolletage also.



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