Dry Shampoos under $20 Garnier & Sexy Hair are my current favs

Washing the hair daily can be damaging- especially for a bleach-highlighted blonde with extensions like me. Like cosmotologist Savannah Poulsen, I wash every 3-4 days or more to keep my long locks more Brigitte Bardot and less Phyllis Diller.

The “grease” comes from sweating at night (when AC conks out in summer, or winter, for that matter). I’m a woman of a certain age…

I used to do dry shampoo all wrong-using it the morning when I needed to get ready for work instead of the night before to absorb sweat while I sleep. You can use it post workout with shampoo spray at roots and blow dryer.

I’ve tried many different brands and types (spray, powder) and am not such a fan of the powders. The clear sprays go on evenly and feel cleaner. They absorb that sweat overnight with little effort on my part.

When spraying at the roots, don’t be afraid to spray on a lot-like 1/4 can for long hair. Nape of neck, around hairline at face, and along the sides at the root where you need volume.

The next morning you might just look like Bardot and skip brushing. If not, use your fingertips to scrub a little, then brush out with a paddle brush.

Add a few drops Marula oil to your hands to put on the hair ends for shine.


My favs so far:

#1 Garnier Fructis Pure & Clean Dry Shampoo Spray $5 at walmart.com

#2 Healthy Sexy Hair Hair Laundry Dry Powder -use on the nape of the neck. Not too lemony and does keep that nape sweat down a bit better and the pump nozzle directs the powder where you need. $5 at walmart.com

#3 Big Sexy Hair Spray-some trouble with the spray can, but I smelled like lilacs all night.

#4 Coconut Miracle Oil Spray-yep, a bit oily…

*Forget these below, but read the comments…tee hee

*Clean Freak Spray-stinks, does not get after the sweat as well. The mini is ok for travel, but I would search out the others and bring 3 small cans. (You’d be surprised that in Euro quaint towns like Bonne or Bath, the pharmacies or Boot’s just give you a “qua?!” look when inquiring. Yes, even in Britain. “Your hair is pinin’ for the fjords..”

*Batiste Spray-You can buy this at Beaumont Hair Care & Tire Center I think. Stinky & doesn’t work very well. The spray, I mean.

*No Drought Dry Powder- Death Valley in a little bottle & you’ll smell like a clean kitchen all day and your hair will feel like a haystack, or a Sleestack. I forget which. It also makes a mess.

In short, try these 2 from amazon or walmart.com: The powder for the nape & the clear spray for the rest:

Nape: Healthy Sexy Hair Hair Laundry Dry Powder $19


Rest of roots: Garnier Fructis Pure & Clean Dry Shampoo Spray


Have a look at then, then go to walmart.com and get them.


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