Review of stroke apps

Just to be clear, I did not have a stroke, but an atonic attack last year. One of the outcomes seems to be agnosia-the inability to name things I know.

I’ve tried several stroke apps. All cost something, some are more useful than others:

*Aura-$59.99/year. Steep. It asks how you are feeling and how it can help. I couldn’t get deep enough to try it because of the “confirm $59.99” stumbling block.

*Lumosity-free part with fun little games. I really like this one.

To “go premium” is $59.99/year.

Makes you feel like a schlep to not be “premium”; like a glittery crown air freshener.

I’ll stay basic I guess-I could even get picture flashcards because I tend to call a coiled hose “rope” or “snake”.

*Language Therapy-Really what I need. This app is 2 crown air fresheners (Super Premium) at $64.99 or $169.99 for the whole Aphasia package.

*Lingraphica-ipad only. Pass. That’s not where I hang out.

*Constant Therapy -It’s basic and usually too easy (hurrah), but fun.

Meh. I ordered picture flashcards from Amazon.

Basic Rules.


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