And today, a creative breakthrough

As a writer and illustrator, it’s the worst to be in a creative slump.

For months.

Due to brain or vestibular injury.

The brain will not be pushed, but it seems to be healing even more and responding to puzzles for stroke victims and my old standby, Wind In the Trees video on youtube.

For months, I’ve been struggling how to create the character above using paper. Eureka! Lightning struck today.

My right brain had its first creative idea in months.

I’ll delve more into the useful stroke apps in a future post. Though I didn’t have a stroke as far as imaging indicates, my brain was damaged. I struggle with object-naming. I see a green hose and call it “rope”. I see a neck and call it “carotid”, “jugular vein”, or something in French or Spanish.

The amazing thing is that the brain can heal itself in many situations.

I can’t wait to see what it does next.

Image modified from “Oh My Ghostess” on Netflix.


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