Perhaps a simple post: App Review of “Pill Reminder”

The Apple watch is in its infancy with regard to using iphone apps. The watch is tethered to the phone but very powerful when it works as it’s meant to.

I’ve been using a great pill app called “Pill Reminder” because I take pills throughout the day. If I forget a dose of Meclizine, my watch will “ding” and let me choose “taken” or “skip”. The watch reminder has saved me about 50% of the time.

The app on the phone allows time adjustment and recalibrating of cascading later times. No other pill app does this; I’ve tried about 20 of them & some are so bad it’s like the programmer never took a pill in his/her life.

I thought that my doctor suggesting that I get an Apple watch was a little too fancy for me. Until I discovered the fall feature. It will alert emergency services & my husband should I have another fall. At least that is the claim.

My doctor: “have you tested it? How do you know?”

Me:” No. I don’t have anything soft enough to really fall on such as a giant stack of pillows & I like my teeth.”

My doctor: “Haha! Fair enough.”

Her office does have these 2 low squishy sofas. Maybe I could try it there & her doggo named Cookie would rush over and lick my face.

Pill Reminder was created by Sergio Licea. I bought the full version for a few $USD. It is brilliant. It does not specify that it will work on apple watch, but the watch will pick it up if the phone screen is locked and the phone is within about 100 feet.


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