Where are you?

Where am I and why am I not writing?

It’s takes a long time for a brain to heal.

But I’m getting closer. I can feel it.

The immagination has not returned yet. Books sit in my ipad and illustration paper sits in my craft drawer untouched. Not yet come to life.

But they will.

I have a massively hard summer of surgery (pelvis), medication, and ketamine-by-IV treatment.

My hope is that I’ll get my meds at the right levels and have a spectacular outcome from the ketamine. It’s used for soldiers who have been in combat and has incredible results. The trick with it is to have no stimulation directly after the treatment; no touch, no sound, no emotional excitement or upset.

So, there we are.

I must hide for some months to get well.

And I’ll be back with more stories, snarkisms, & observations.

Image from military.com


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