Stigmas and Marathons

I get a daily newsletter for which I don’t remember signing up.

It’s for managing Bipolar2 (low to superlow brain cycling).

It’s mostly annoying.

And people don’t seem to have anything else wrong. “I stubbed my toe once in 1980…”

The news letter full of articles about reducing stress by eating boiled okra & Pumping Up on Tomatoes! not so helpful.

Then there’s the Marathon Braggersons. These people are more annoying than Judgy Vegans “You gonna eat that bacon, errr…?” “I overcame my BP2, dude, AND did a 1/4 Marathon!”

Yea, you know who I mean.

“Oh, so you raised charity monies for endometriosis?”

“No. But I got this shirt. That shrunk. And now fits my 8 year old.”

“Ok. Great!”



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