Day 2 Model Lunch

Today went much better. I made the breakfast with remaining yogurt & watched instructions on making the delicious lunch.


*Toast 2 pcs fav bread (I like 647 lo cal bread from Amazon)

*Fry 1 little egg in pan w tiny spray of olive oil-cook to firmness you like

*Spread 1 toast with hummus, sprinkle with 1T goat cheese & cucumber

*Spread 1/2 avocado on other toast, put on some cracked pepper & eggie

*Salt to taste


My head is still jumbly today-feels hungover I guess. Happy, then sad. I cry at small things but otherwise joyous and content tidying house and freshening for Spring. Thyroid meds here & surgery done by week’s end, so things are on the uptick.


I noticed that the avocado I had was a bit over-ripe, giving it this very flowery taste. It was amazing and must BEE what attracts BEES to flowers, though, avocados might be pollinated by the adorable bats (Gaston & Belle & Jimmy) we see each summer.


Something funny I remembered is a commedian speaking about how silly old people might sound in 50 years. “Today, our old people show us a photo of them plus Charles Lindburgh and there’s a story! 50 years from now, it will be photos of what we ate.”

So, in 2069, I will show you the above pic and say “Honey, I MADE this in our DREAM KITCHEN during our DREAM RETIREMENT using a model! And the avocado tasted like a FLOWER or a BAT! I forget which…but, OH! It was HEAVENLY!”


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