Model diet, Day 1. The yogurt exploded

I even showered AND put on lipgloss and the Vanilla Coconut Yogurt exploded.

And Mr. Wannabe ate 1 of my bananas. (Yes, I caught you, on camera…)


That’s what’s needed.

Exploded yogurt means yogurt critters alive, which is good, right?…


Ok. 1/2 jar exploded yogurt.

Banana (because of the whole kiwi-killing-me-off sitch).

Homemade granola. Pick off table and eat any errant bits on placemat or robe or where ever.

Forget weird “tea”. Have Blueberry black coffee instead.

It was weirdly delicious.

I think I’ll have more tomorrrow.

And put on even MORE lipgloss…

This post may self destruct in 5…4…3…


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