Accessible things: My “Playskool Makeup”

Getting ready for the day can be challenging, but I’m so glad for all the inventive items that make makeup easier for those of us who are a little bit unsteady and continually riding the Good Ship Lollipop in 10′ seas (I’ll soon have testing on my inner ears done for my balance issues). We refer to ourselves as “spoonies”-chronically ill or disabled people for whom small tasks take a lot of energy or cost a lot of “spoons”. Doing makeup takes 2 spoons. Getting dressed is 3 spoons. Hair is 5 spoons. You get it.

Above is my foundation, powder, and blush palette from

The concept is brilliant-foundation is called “highlight” and each palette is magnetic so you can mix and match what you need. Switching out colours when I travel is a snap with tweezers or dental pick. I use the single detail HAC brush to tap on colour. No more fiddling with liquid and caps and and and…

I sent in my photo and Savannah Poulsen matched my base colour, highlight, and contour and suggested dark cherry for eye, lip, and cheek. For day to day, this palatte is superb and takes about 1 minute to put on.

For eyeliner, I’m in between testing a pencil with super micropigments and a gel that is magnetic and does not budge. I think Elizabeth Taylor probably had access to this cool magnetic one and was very 3050 for her time.

At some point, I would love to do some “get ready with me” videos, but I find that my lighting isn’t so great and I don’t know how to film myself yet. That might cost 10 spoons at first. For now, a review and link.


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