Cutting caffeine for a week, a test…

For those with inner ear (vestibular) dysfunction and vertigo, cutting salt and caffeine help massively dizzy symptoms (the room spins, you bump into your favourite wall).

So far, cutting salt has been really easy and does not seem to make a difference in my vertigo attacks. The attacks come whenever. That surprises me because I was a SALT MONSTER. I even had little contraband packets of it in my purse, in case food was too bland.

I’ve been addicted to coffee since age 3. No, that was not a typo. It all started at church, after services and Sunday School. “Are we about done learning about Moses? I need my fix soon or, I just won’t feel right the rest of the day…”

Fast forward 40+ years and I’m asking my online vestibular forum peeps about their caffeine-cutting experience. “You’ll know right away or within a week.” For a few, it made a difference, for most, no difference at all.

I was glad to not see “oh, give it 6months..” That would have made me cry.

I did start this morning though. Had my 8oz of coffee, then put my sippy cup down. Part of it is sippy cup-carrying habit. I know this. I did order some decaf coffee just to test for a week, starting when Mr. W goes out of town a few days.

Because, you know GROUCHY TODDLER!!!

I’ll let you know how it goes. With the holidays approaching, it may prove too difficult….

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