Life: Burner Day?

I woke up so dizzy today. It’s still unclear what’s causing this. At least the MRI cleared me of any tumor.

Meclizine helps a bit. Determined to go to the Halloween party tonight, what else could help?

Because of auras and illusions, I’ve been shying away from noise, people, and visual stimulation for 2 weeks, but what if today, those things could condition me?

I’m game.

I love experiments, so I turned on some old and new Nu Netal (Rap Punk Rock). Limp Bizkit, SlipKnot, Hot Box on Apple TV’s Youtube app. Even better with my polarized pink glasses that the physical therapist recommended.

It seems that vodka also can help. It’s unclear if my motor skills really do improve or that vodka just makes my head feel better. I did notice that, years ago, when a loved one who had Parkinson’s drank, his speech and motor skills improved. In the name of science, I’ll toss myself upon the sword to see. Just 1 now.

So, a day on the sofa with not-calm music videos, my pink glasses and soon, a vodka.

Hmm “Moooom! Pizza!!!”


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