Money: App Review of “Honeyfi”, Built-in deception and cowardice


Yet another app attempting to control human behaviour. The Honeyfi app for couples and their money is really scary.

The concept is great-being able to see & *like* each other’s transactions.

The Big Red Flag:

Being able to block your partner from seeing certain accounts.

It’s called Financial Infidelity.

If I buy shoes, Mr. W. can see it and should be able to. We have budgeted for it and agreed upon it. As a couple. As a team. No financial secrets.

Another Red Flag: Another way way to fight online like a coward

The idea of being able to “like”, “dislike”, and comment on your partner’s purchases seemed novel at first, then I realised it’s just coward-fighting in disguise.

You’re adults. You need to put away the juice boxes and talk IN PERSON about money, not hide behind technology to make a snippy remark such as “Did you REALLY need ANOTHER pair of shoes?”

What would I suggest?

Financial Peace University DVDs and Everydollar app by (Dave) Ramsey Solutions. These are informative and entertaining, not blaming, and they help diffuse talking about money. We always ordered pizza on FPU night and we can both see ALL of OUR transactions on everydollar (it can compile bank + Paypal etc).

Me (above) on our wedding day. I choked up when repeating the following words to my husband while holding his hands: “With all that I have and all that I am, I share with you.”


Want to see Honeyfi for yourself?


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