Money:Review of the Trim Bot

Also from Money magazine…

Money bots are here to help you with your money.

Trim (glossing over 90’s double entedre..) is a website to create a bot that will scan your bank account for subscriptions you may have forgotten about & it can cancel them for you.

I like that it can do this for you; however, I’m nervous that you can do this “through Facebook”.

That is creepy as hell.

Signing up feels pretty invasive from the start. Name, phone number, email. Then link your account. No easing me into lack of privacy here. Gulp.

My gut just says no and you can do this yourself with everydollar by tracking these things and get more in touch with your money.

If you want to see it in action:

This was the best photo of me thinking “erm..idk” that didn’t look like Rita Skeeter.


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