Money: App Review “Joy”

I read Money Magazine, Klipinger’s and AARP so that you don’t have to.


You get to bypass Rx ads! You don’t have to ask your doctor if some weird thing is “right for you”. Win!

Money magazine reviewed a money app called “Joy”. Don’t let the cuteness disuede you-it’s very smart. It uses algorithms based upon human behaviour.

The premise is to show you how to stop mindless spending, meaning you may not have an emotion at the time of spending, but may have regrets about it later on. You get to rate later if something you bought made you happy (itunes!) or sad (Whataburger) and then look for patterns and possibly eliminate the “sad spending”. You also get to see how others who are like you felt about their purchases and you get to see exactly what they bought with last name anonymity.

It asks for your telephone number right from the start. I was reluctant, but for you, my readers, I plunged with Suze Wannabe as my pseudonym (unlike FB, which locks you into any typing mistake on try 1 or 2. Congratulations, Mrs. WhizzleBee!). The app allows changing of all your info, thank goodness.

It interviews you to find your personality and matches it with a spender/saver personality type. Then, it matches you with a robot coach with a personality to guide you (mine is Ava-gentle and loving because I tend to freak out about things like a Skiddish Whippet. Oo..great name for a pub…).

In order to rate your spending, you do need to link it with a bank account.

Instead, I chose to get a sample to show you how Joy works:

As a newbie, would I use this? No.

I would start with creating a budget on everydollar app and watch fpu (financial peace university) on DVDs.

Once I had the hang of a simple budget, I might add this one in later in year 3 maybe. It could be a big time sink if you already know yourself with money, but if you need to learn how you really are with money, it could be quite fun and interesting.

For me? Oh, It might replace Paradise Bay but with my brain stem challenges currently, I can’t even keep up with everydollar if my head thinks that I’m in the movie James and The Giant Peach.

Image screencaptured from Joy app by Happy Money Inc. 2018


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