Don’t answer your phone

What is “neighbor spoofing?”

It’s 2 spam companies using numbers similar to yours or your contacts.

Example: Your number


Spam incoming “spoof” number:


More than half of all cell calls are now spam robots trying to trick you.

What can you do?

*No apps really work for this, so save your $. I tried 2 of them to no avail.

*Having your number on National “Do Not Call” list does not help.

*Turn your ringer button to “off” (iphone, L side, top button-push it away from you or “down”)

*Stop answering your phone

(unless it is a KNOWN contact. If you miss it, don’t panic. You can call that person back).

*You will get fake voicemails too. Just delete them

A link about this growing problem:

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