First Year in Sedona: Y’all’s Monsoons are Adorable

The last time I drove on I-10 near downtown Houston was a nightmare.

It was summer and the afternoon rains started at 1PM. By “rain”, I mean fist-sized drops of warm “earthworm water” hurdling sideways in a big gush from prehistoric green and black clouds. The rain on the South Coast is so big, that in mere seconds, visiblity on a 6 lane freeway goes to zero in an instant and you pray not to be seriously maimed by a tractor trailer or Chevy Echo.

By the time I reached the chiropractor’s office, I needed traction and was grey as a dead fish, worried about how I might get back home. Oh, why did I even go outside?! Five miles of massive flooding? A shut-down freeway? Would I need to camp out at the doctor’s or paddle home with alligators and cottonmouth snakes?

I don’t miss that.

That was no way to live.

Here in Sedona, we’ve been hearing about the impending Monsoons. Massive flooding? Swimming Attack Peccaries (they are related to hippos I understand…)? What?

Today we may have experienced our first monsoon. Gentle tapping on the skylights (I thought it was the dryer). Cold, wee raindrops about teaspoon-sized. Sprinkles. The refreshing smell of wet dirt. A little bit of cloud rumbling from the North.

It’s beautiful.

Clouds rolling over the Red Rocks, a change from the hot sun.



One thought on “First Year in Sedona: Y’all’s Monsoons are Adorable

  1. While today’s little sunshower may have been called a “monsoon” by many, the term has unfortunately become more of a season than an actual rain event. For those of us that have lived in Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona/Verde Valley and Flagstaff for more than a couple of monsoon seasons, we too laugh at the rain we received today.
    I personally have been stranded far too many times, on closed freeways and main streets over the nearly 30 years I have lived in AZ. This has been a sad dry year. 😒

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