Summer clothes…for summer?!

I was caught off guard yesterday. I had 2 appointments in Sedona (one at the dentist) and neither place had AC (Air Conditioning). And it was 80F at least! I reconsidered having my teeth cleaned in the fall.

And I wore leggings and a lightweight kimono and was sweating like a horse.


I thought it was only Europe that did not “get” AC.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t grow up with AC, and summer was just summer. Some nights a person would just not sleep because it was too hot. But I did live in Texas and work in an office set at 65-68F for 20 years. I wore more sweaters in summer than any other time in my life while in Texas. My fingernails were always some tinge of blue from April to November.

What to do? to the rescue! I found several items of desperation like tanks, sleeveless shirts and…skorts (oh, God, skorts?!) It will take me some time to find the right summer clothes. The last time I wore summer clothes for summer was in 1977.

And my light blue tank top set from JC Penney’s read “Superstar!” and was wonderfully ill-fitting.

While shopping for summer clothes, I made sure that I checked the fabric type-no polyester-too hot.

Cotton & cotton blends are good

Rayon good too

I find that linen is too hot for me and too high-maintenence and that chiffon can be scratchy.

Here’s a helpful list, Superstar 😉


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