First Year in Sedona: The Wonderful Things

I would be remiss if I only reported the weird or odd things about living in our new desert habitat. There are many fabulous things about living here:

1. The Sunshine: it is sunny nearly everday here, and it’s a bright, cheery Southern California type sunshine. I smile each morning when I wake up to it and make some coffee.

2. The Healers: They are world-class. I have a terrific chiropractor-she also works on horses; a caring physical therapist who heals body and mind, and a hairstylist who is a magician-he performs miracles with my hair and says “honay, we gonna make your hair look HOT! Yayas!”

3. The Restaurants: So terrific. We have a small town of 14,000 that doesn’t feel podunk. Lunch overlooking the redrocks or ducks on Oak Creek are outstanding. The cuisine of at least 3 places is world-class. One place has hammocks and ayruvedic elixirs-even Mr. W. likes this vegan place. We have a daily influx of about 30,000 tourists on any given day, making our town feel vibrant and alive and keeping the restaurants competitive.

4. The Local People: are nice. Hugs are a thing here just like in Texas whether it’s with your stylist, neighbor, or good friend.

5. “Miss”: Waitstaff and market folks call me “Miss”. I’ll never move away.

6. Hospital: The hospital staff and doctors are so kind to me in Phoenix that I nearly cried at my last procedure.

7. Streaming: We don’t have to share high-speed internet. No more spinning clocks for streaming movies.

8. Traffic: Aside from Easter weekend, there really is no traffic. If I catch myself grumbling about it, I tell myself “hey! This is not 5 lanes of heavy houston freeway! Chill and look at those gorgeous redrocks.”

9. China!: The Szchechuan restaurant is pretty darn close to the real thing. The flavours are on, just needs a lot more spicy heat.

10. Car: We only need one car. Part of this is because of retirement, but mostly it’s that everything is only 5-10 minutes away. It’s fun to run around town with Mr. W.

I love it!


3 thoughts on “First Year in Sedona: The Wonderful Things

  1. Welcome to Sedona, May I recommend the Golden Goose for steaks and Girardo’s for Italian dining. Both are on W. 89A, my side of town.

  2. Great idea to write about the good things😊. With love from a sunny spring day in Paris. Miss you for hanging at une «  terrasse de café ». It would be the perfect day for that.
    Look at your SMS, I send you a spring picture

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