Swimming in winter, how’s it going?

I’m so glad to have my 7mm wetsuit so I can bounce around my poodle pool like a Dufus On The Moon in 50F water. Soon the rest of the belt weights will arrive and I can dive for Dory treasures. I love shells! Always a kid at heart…

Poodle pool?

Oh yes, the previous owners of our house built the pool not for themselves, but for their poodles. Another First Year in Sedona item of note.

This puppy enjoys the cold wind on her face and clouds in the sky and is getting the hang of suiting up and down with more ease, though, in putting on the claustrophobic hood has to remind “there’s a hole…there’s a hole…”

The next set of pelvic injections are at the end of March with a 2-3 week ramp up period, followed by 3-4 more rounds this year.

Meanwhile, I distract myself from the pain and burning with the Poodle Pool and Paradise Bay.

See you in the deep end!


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