All natural brow gel for le$$

Recently, a small, unsupervised boy had his way in a Sephora. $1300 worth of beautiful eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks smeared and ruined.

I can’t really blame him.

Sephora is a beauty product wonderland full of possibility and fun!

But what’s in all those cosmetics we put on ourselves?

I wonder. I’ve not finished reading Suzanne Sommer’s latest book Tox-Sick yet but I bet the expensive brow gel available at Sephora has some toxic crud in there (maybe not toxic by applying over 1 year, but how about 40?). Though I’m a scientist, I’m no biochemist, but I feel better about natural makeup than ingredients I don’t understand. Make no mistake, if “vegetable glycerin”, cane sugar or soy is listed, I’m not interested.

Remember that episode of What Not To Wear in which the contestant insisted that the makeup artist use only vegan products? The results were…bad. She looked greasy and untransformed and angry (Producer : “get the paper bag!”). It looked so awful (at least on tv). Well, natural products have improved vastly since then and some true potion masters exist on Etsy.

I have the ingredients to make my own cosmetics at home now, because I AM part Gale Boettincher, but I’ve been so busy getting the house ready for company and not in the mood while recovering from surgery, that I thought of giving a try.

I stumbled upon MommaBNatural’s cosmetics and was skeptical about the brow gel. I am pleasantly surprised. It is the perfect shade, is twice the size of either Ardell or Anesthasia, doesn’t dry out in the desert, and has great staying power.

The best part? All natural with ingredients like aloe vera and beeswax (they also have a vegan option not from bees). And it’s a lot less expensive than Sephora.

Anastasia $18, $25.73 with shipping

MommaB’s $7.99, $16.99 with shipping

Get it here:

Image modified from the New York Post. November 2017


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