Counting calories?! What year is this?!

The retirement party season took its toll on me and I’m striving to get back to my goal weight. That will be a total of 20lbs off.

I’m halfway there.

How am I doing it?

Get your leg warmers and suntan pantyhose on…

Counting calories on My Fitness Pal & weighing daily.

I tried counting both carbs AND calories and it made me crazy.

I can plan meals at restaurants ahead of time and not stutter when asked for my order.

Lately, it’s lots of romaine lettuce, side of small flour tortillas and drizzled yummy sauce.

Some nights it’s EITHER 2 vodka drinks with sugar free Tang squirt and a wee salad OR an appetizer, but not both.

While traveling & moving the last several weeks, having my travel scale was key because it’s sooo easy to pack on 3 lbs overnight. Using my tracker and scale kept me honest.

My knee seems to have recovered enough for some elliptical exercise today, so, I’ll see how that goes. Better go put my leg warmers on now…

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