Going toxin-free: good things from Suzanne Somers

I’m a girly girl and love makeup but I want to live the healthiest life that I can aside from my Botox and fillers (you’ll have to rip those from my cold, dead hands).

For the last year, I’ve been slowly switching from drugstore and high-end makeup products to organic and chemical-free.

I’ve started with Suzanne Somer’s makeup and skincare line and here’s what I love:

*Radiance Oil Cleanser-I don’t need much on a cotton round to clean my face and I don’t want to strip my face of precious moisture. I can pre-make a stack of these cleanser pads in a snack-sized baggie and then wet the cotton rounds when traveling.

*Foundation-I use “Light” most of my pasty year. In summer, I add a touch of “Sand”.

*Eyeshadow “Essential neutrals”. I don’t leave home without this super product. You can use the black shadow as soft eyeliner too and there’s another set called “Midnight” that looks fun.

*Coconut Moisture Serum РLove to dab this on my lips or d̩colletage

*Coconut oil body scrub-I liked the exfoliation and moisture and suspect that I could easily make my own with coconut oil and kosher (corn-free) sea salt

What didn’t work so well:

*Coconut Oil Body cleanser-I didn’t care for the dusty smell and problem with the bottle top.

*Coconut Milk Body Lotion-same problem with a dusty smell

*Lipliners and lipsticks-all felt dry and sticky and the colours went orange on me as most do. I switched to a creamy small lipstick I got at Whole Foods called Blackberry.

*Nail polish -baby pink. Way too sheer, did not look good on me.

You can get the good products at suzannesomers.com and use the code “makeup25” to get 25% off

In the meanwhile, I’ll be experimenting with making my own lipstick, eyeliner, finishing powder, and mascara and let you know how that goes (cost, wearability etc).

“Hey, what about your nails?!” Well, in the long-term, I’ll be switching to a product called SNS which is supposed to be better than my current half measure.


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