First Year in Sedona: Mosey “ish” & paper blinds

I need to foster my “Type B” personality here in Sedona.

Things get done at a much slower pace than Houston where being competitive and punctual is prized. Even if you have no Prussian roots, “Eine, Swei” will take hold in a city of 8 million. You’ll become type A out of self-preservation on the racetrack freeways or working inside the hundreds of skyscrapers.

I’ve been advised by new friends to take my pace down a notch or 10. It’s called “mosey”.


Ride slowly on your horse, partner.


The contractor will arrive by 9 or 11.

Don’t panic.

You’ll get your permanent blinds installed someday.

Though I’m getting used to the stick-on paper ones.


Image modified from TigerFurry Entertainment


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