Renting a car at Chicago O’Hare? It’ll cost ya

Think you got a good deal on Orbitz on your rental car in Chicago?

Think again. Get ready to be TAXED TO DEATH.

We rented a Ford Explorer for $298 for 1 week.

Then we saw the taxes

*11% “fee” – non specific but we guessed it may have to do with putting mileage signs every 1/10th of a mile on the roads in Indiana…


*License “recoup” – what on EARTH could that be and how long do you need to recover, truly? Poor you.


* “Tax” – because Chicago can without representation. Didn’t we throw tea in a harbour some years ago because this was UNFAIR?


*Facility charge – “We don’t like you usin’ our airport because you were really only here 2 days of 5.”


*City Surcharge – Well, you’re using 10 miles of our roads and buying stuff here but we don’t like you, you tourist scum.


Your $298.00 rental just cost you $451.22

“Welcome to Chicahhgoh. Now get outta heeah but leave ya wahlett.”


3 thoughts on “Renting a car at Chicago O’Hare? It’ll cost ya

  1. H just bought 2 pairs of new glasses and while the women was rattling off the final charges and pushing the bill towards me to be so signed I said “What’s that?”. She had included in the bill a $30 warranty fee. She had not mentioned this fee at all so I was shocked to see it in my bill. You know I didn’t like that they obviously had a practice of slipping that fee in to increase the bill. A practice I don’t care for. So on principle I had her principle remove it and made my husband very happy since he hates but warnanties.

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