I overdid it-Jumper’s Knee

It’s so like me to overdo things.

Blame it on the fresh air or the lack of fear of being attacked by quails while running.

I injured my R knee while opening up that stride at age 49.

My inner 14 year old cries.

I feel for football players who get injured and I don’t even need to make a living or be held to a contract as a casual runner. That kind of stress I don’t have to handle.

But being on a recliner with ice on me bums me out.

I looked up the symptoms for the knee and saw all the anatomy & ligament diagrams etc and what to do-ice, rest, ibuprofen. It seems this is “Jumper’s Knee”.

I miss the feeling of accomplishment, clearing my head, listening to U2, meeting my new neighbors.

Running has got me through so much when facing another surgery. It’s my solace.

Now what? Lifting weights? I could only do that for my arms or just my Left leg?

I have read that athletes do this. They continue to work out the other parts of the body and the flailing one still benefits. But you know, the scale has finally started to budge for me and I’m down 8.5 lbs since I started measuring my food on Fitness Pal.

I do the goals in halves and quarters. When I started, the thought of losing 20lbs was insurmountable. So, at the suggestion of Jon Acuff in his book Finish, I broke it into half and half again. “Just 4lbs, just 4.5”

And here I am, about halfway there. Just 1.5 lbs to go to the next stop.

1,000 calories or less a day

Resting my knee

Doing the elliptical when it’s possible.

Have a goal?

Cut it in half and extend the timeline.


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