You’ve always been paying about $1,000 for a new smartphone

The new iPhone X has just been released and people are so shocked at the price.

“It cost’s like $1,000!”

Honey, they always have.

Look at your monthly payment.

$35/mo for 2 years is $840 plus tax

Is it that someone actually told us the total price up front that’s new?

$1,000 for a smartphone over 2 years is $41.67/month.

This isn’t new.

The way the information is presented might be.

Have a look at your provider statement-look at the monthly cost of the phone and multiply times 24.

I bet it’s around $1,000

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One thought on “You’ve always been paying about $1,000 for a new smartphone

  1. People only think in the moment. Or if they can buy something that the payment does not start like 12 to 24 months later making so far from reality that they go ahead and make the purchase. Ha, ha…..but those payments always come around don’t you know and yet they have no idea why they can’t pay all their bills.

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