Running memories

My body is beginning to remember how to run.

Like knowing how to ride a bike, there’s a another sport memory in my body.

We have little hills in my new Colorado Plateau neighborhood and my legs, hips and arms are remembering how to run them after about 30 years. I ran in the Palouse Prairie hilly terrain in Idaho as a young one of 16. I had training on running long distance techniques since age 14.

Going up hills: sit back into the hips, put head, not body, a little bit forward & take tiny steps as if in low gear. A roller caster going up via clinking roll tracks.

Going down hills: sit back into the hips, head and back leaning back, open up the stride like a duck.

I heard myself think C’mon Ol Girl, open up that stride!

And immediately after What if you break a hip?…

Then so be it.

The rush of flying down a hill was worth it.

Plus I got to visit with new neighbors and doggies who were interested in the local geology.


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