Clothes are a bad measuring tool

After finishing prereadubg Jon Acuff's newest book, Finish, there it sat; my bathroom scale, calibrated to the doctor's office, maniacal nurses like to put me on.

In Finish Jon describes needing some kind of way to measure goals and using tools for data. I thought "once I get to Arizona, I can start running outside and THEN I'll get on the scale."

But the date keeps getting pushed farther into the future. And the Texas heat index sits around 125F and the murder rate in downtown doesn't change. So no jogging in downtown Houston.

And my clothes are a terrible measuring tool. Even jeans have stretch material in them.

Last night I thought. "Ok, I'm a scientist, my scale is a tool. That's it."

So I got on it.

I had put back on 18 lbs! That's like a million kilos!

Eighteen pounds can feel like a mountain facing that goal. One of Jon's suggestions is to cut the goal in half and change the timeline.

Ok, Lose 9 pounds by the time we go to Arizona.

I know what that means. 90 minutes of cardio a day and a ketogenic diet. No alcohol even though there are 3 more retirement/moving parties to go to. Eating before the parties in case bread is around.

And using the scale as a tool, not beating myself up or calling myself ugly names.

Jon also mentioned that the goal should be fun. I dream of living somewhere cooler, where I can actually go outside in the summer. Hint-we are not moving to Phoenix in the hot valley. I'm thinking of that street strider-that looks fun and I enjoyed bicycling in Houston in Spring though it was a bit of taking my life in my own hands with the inattentive traffic.

What makes the elliptical fun is watching shows on my tablet. Project Runway was motivating for me before. Harry Potter movies are always fun too.

Make the goal Fun
Use the right tools

Jon's book comes out the 12th of September. You can pre-order it for less here:

If you want to find out what happens when he orders a sack of Taco Bell, get it.

Meanwhile, Ill be in the gym.


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