What Baby Food Goes Best with a Bloody Mary? & Enjoy your funeral!

Desperate times, desperate measures.

I can't handle solid food until night, so during the day, I have found a baby food that agrees with me. Oats puréed with bananas and acai berries.

Gerber makes a great organic one.

So why the Bloody Mary?


Yes, I get panic attacks and my medication for them was in doubt to be refilled in time before flying across country to a funeral. It took 3 hours and 5 phone calls to get it sorted yesterday.

That pharmacies control my well-being annoys me; the judging stares, the Nazi-robot-like response. "I have loads of training but no brain…cannot help you…"

Makes me wish I could say to them "you have no idea what it takes to do me everyday and I am not a crack addict or selling this on the streets. My body needs this medication so that I don't go into seizure."

But, hmm alcohol is everywhere, the drug for the masses, nearly as strong as morphine. And so there I was, having a Bloody with baby food, wondering how I can best save my remaining 4 doses of medication over 8 days and what nights I will be up all night.

And then my husband, who finally got to see this harassment I've dealt with for years, first hand, heard the magic phrase "vacation extension".

Know ye that if you should need you medication early for a funeral:

1. Call your medical insurance and tell them you need the medical help desk.
2. Call the medical help desk that you need a "vacation extension".
3. Call your doctors office to call the pharmacy as a provider and tell them you called your insurance for a "vacation extension"
4. Pick up your meds on the other side of the city
5. Fly to your destination, have several drinks, because baby food containers are too big for carrying on the plane
6. Enjoy your funeral

It's really just that simple….


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