Out of remission again

Endo is back and not in a nice place. My colon is involved again I think.

That means that it hurts terribly to eat most things.

You don't realise how much life revolves around eating until you can't. An example above-the movies.

Solid foods kill me as do baby foods of mixed fruit. I have to weigh the food against the pain and it's easiest at night to nourish my body just before I sleep.

I wanted to start our new life in Arizona healthy., imagining great runs in the fresh air, but now, surgery and possibly bowel resection looms. Again. This will be surgery #6.

I won't know until October the course of action and won't know the cause until around the holidays or thereafter.

In the meantime, I stay strong during the day, staying busy, drinking coffee, thinking up stories, reading, swimming in a pool.

Waiting on the sidelines.

Endometriosis is a birth defect. There is no cure, no prevention, only surgical cutting as treatment.


4 thoughts on “Out of remission again

  1. So sorry to learn that your endometriosis problems continue. I wish you the best medical help, I’m sure you are aware of Mayo Clinic in Phx, and will pray for your quick recovery. BTW: don’t go running today, it is raining again.

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