Working out at 49, what do I do?

At around 40, I was a “meat head”, seriously following the book Body For Life and I built some serious muscle at Gold’s Gym alongside strippers and American Footballers st 5 AM.

But after chemo and several surgeries later, my body isn’t the same.  I have to be gentler with it now.  I feel my hips about to pop out at any moment.

So, what do I do? A trainer told me once that how your body looks is 80% eating and 20% excercise, though he was a healthy young guy in his 30s without surgeries.

How about for the decrepit like moi?  I find that excercise has a bigger impact on me.  60%excercise, 10% food and 30% drink.

And lifting weights 1x/week seems to do more wonders than 90minutes of cardio/day.

I lift for 20 minutes-that’s it.  Arms and legs on the same day.

I make a round of 12 repetitions, then 10, then 8, then 6 and done, increasing the weight a little as the reps get smaller.

Within 30 minutes I have recovery food or drink.  If you don’t want to bulk, stay low carb with a cold protein shake after (no more than 5-10 carbs).  Drink it right after.  Sometimes I have Laura Scudders Natural peanut butter, though almond butter would be better for me.

Rest 2-3days.  Your body needs this time to recover.

Then do gentle low impact cardio after the rest days 30-60 minutes.

And buy yourself stickers for your paper calendar.  I have Hello Kitty for lifting, Hank the octopus for rest days and Dory the Blue Tang for cardio days.

My biggest enemy? Alcohol-loaded with sugar and carbs.  This was easy to avoid when I couldn’t drink prior to surgery on doctor’s orders, but now with retirement and going away parties it’s really difficult.  Let’s face it, it is no fun to be the only sober person in the room.

I see this as my next challenge-how do I handle this situation?  What do you do?


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