Meet new young people

As I get older, I find that I have a little routine that goes a bit like this:

*Morning coffee (3 cups)

*Writing in my diary app called Momento

*Checking Facebook for baby hippos and Birthdays

*Lifting weights 1x per week

*Doing Cardio while watching Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter

*Working on a book or 3

Yesterday was a fun surprise for my brain.  I got to meet 3 little youngsters and play with them and teach them the “think like a chicken” game where they run across the room and I set little eggs down.  “Look! you laid an egg!”  I remember my uncle doing this for me and my siblings when we were 4 and 2.

With little ones around, you see the world through their eyes-that everything is amazing and fun and you can make a cape out of a blanket.  And that snuggling and hugs and kisses are precious and Power Rangers can be cool.

One question some of the newer age tests ask is “how many new, young friends have you met in the last year?”

4.  I can say 4.



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